Is Your Sales Staff the Best in Town?

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

The challenges of the past year have been more intense than ever before. I hope you may indulge a newsletter that may sound a bit self-serving. I want to talk with you about the need to train your staff and, after all, I am in the sales training and consulting business.

Over the decades in this business, I have continued to be amazed at how many stations relegate training only to new people. (If at all!) They believe the “old pros” don’t need it. They know how to sell. Perhaps that might have been true 20 years ago, but we are in a new marketing landscape. Many of us sell more than radio and TV commercials: we sell all sorts of digital offerings, outdoor, print. Our sales staffs are required to be conversant in all phases of marketing if they are to be guides for our clients.
I am reminded of how many professional athletes, musicians and actors retain coaches and trainers. They understand that, to stay at the top of their game, they MUST constantly receive feedback from a respected source to keep them competitive.
Which brings me to an article I read by Borrell and Associates. Borrell has found that advertisers have “more toys in their toy chest” today. They have more ways to spend their money and they are buying “more stuff”. The pandemic accelerated the move to “more toys”, especially digital ones.
Borrell found businesses are also cutting back on the number of media companies they work with. According to Borrell, local advertisers currently purchase eight types of media advertising in a year. That’s up from five and one-half. They are also cutting back the number of companies they work with from five to three and one- half. If our reps can’t talk advertising on the same level as their clients, they are getting cut.
Borrell also noted that advertisers are turned off by reps who start their sales pitch with how their station or publication delivers more viewers, listeners or readers than anyone else in the market. Advertisers want creative approaches. They want it to be ABOUT THEM!
Our salespeople need to understand all the media options available to be able to explain them to their clients in simple terms. Clients want us to be able to integrate all of their marketing vehicles into a cohesive campaign. They cannot afford to have “silos” in their marketing.
Which brings me to the question, “Have you trained your sales staff today?” Are you equipping them to know how to access, understand and live in their clients’ worlds? Are you still selling packages or have you graduated to sophisticated campaigns that include multiple advertising vehicles? Will your stations be the ones advertisers retain as guides in 2021?
When you make the decision to raise the skill set of your sales staff, I would be honored to help. I do in-person training that includes classroom work and on-the-street calls with your staff. I also do virtual sales meetings and training sessions, done live and customized for your staff. I will work with you to create a plan to raise your staff to A+ players.
The best way to reach me is either [email protected] or on my cell phone: 918.810.3068. If I’m out on the street with sellers, leave me a message and I promise to call you back. Will you join me in my mission to make 2021 the year of A+ salespeople?




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