Breeze FM commits to revolutionizing broadcasting in Nigeria

The principal marketing consultant of Breez 91.9 FM, in Nigeria’s Ondo State, Olasunkanmi Adebayo has says his company is committed to radically revolutionizing broadcasting in the state.

Adebayo revealed that since the birth if Breeze FM in October 2014, it has deliberately digressed from what is currently obtainable in the state’s media practices by bringing radio broadcast down to the grassroots through quality and interactive news and program presentations, entertainment cultured by the rule of more music, less talk, and regulated commercials.

No wonder, the station is the pride of the nation and one that is envisioned to take broadcasting to the highest level,” Adebayo said.

Breez 91.9 FM came at the wake of political intolerance in Ondo State, when the existing media outfits before its establishment have been identified to be acting the scripts of their masters, leaving the listeners to no other choice than having unbalanced information and news dissemination.”

As part of its vision, he said the station creates and maintain operational balancing and unbiased news reportage, coupled with keeping it a platform for everyone, regardless of position or status to express their views and contribute effectively to the governance.

Our website is open as an interface to engage our services and interact with us; Also, our in-house certification mechanism brings solution to tracking and compliance issues.”

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