Media Groups Launch Campaign To Lift South African Businesses from COVID-19 Injuries

Three South African media groups have launched a multi-channel, mass-reach advertisement campaign to help businesses recover from the impact of the country’s lockdown enforced by the government, as a result of COVID.

Award-winning digital audio and radio sales and solution company Mediamark and two of South Africa’s leading radio stations, East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM’s campaign dubbed #341LiftOff kicked off on Monday, April 12. The campaign offers businesses three radio spots for the price of one. The offer will run up to July 4, 2021.

Being among countries badly hit by COVID, South Africa also suffers an economic decline, as its businesses, especially those in the hospitality, beverage and entertainment industry recorded a huge decline in operations. While some businesses had to scale down operations to meet minimum income standards, some were forced to completely shut down, while others remained halfway operational as a result of the lockdown restrictions.

According to The Media Online,  the head of marketing for Mediamark, Charlie Wannell has said, the offer will be served on a first come first served basis.

“This is a super once-off price promotion where advertisers of any ‘size’ can buy one radio ad and get two radio ads for free – even in peak hour time channels if they so desire,” Wannell told Media Online.

For his part, Deirdre King believes that radio is the single-best channel for short-term brand awareness to help recover lost revenue.

“We created this campaign to help businesses achieve immediate ‘lift-off’ and positive bottom-line results,” King said.

“Our business has been built from the advertising spend of our clients ranging from large multinationals to small local store-owners. We see it as our responsibility to be there for them when times are tough and keep them top of mind in their markets.”

The managing director of East Coast Radio, Boni Mchunu also support that the underlying benefit of the campaign is to help revive the country’s economy from the injuries of COVID.

“Like all businesses the media game is tough right now – and because we have inventory and access to such deep and far-reaching audiences, we feel this can only benefit all parties,” Mchuune said.

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