Sometimes a little “crazy” gets us in the door!

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

The lady (below left) isn’t suffering from some sort of attack. In fact, she’s participating in a well-thought out strategy to get the attention of a reticent client.

Sometimes it takes a bit of crazy! Here’s the story:
Leigh Corbett is an account manager for Rebel Media in Queensland. She works several of their remote markets.
For several months, Leigh had been pursuing a dental practice in Stanthorpe. They would talk with her….usually when Leigh was getting her teeth worked on (yes, it was HER dentist which is an example of good prospecting. Prospects are where and when you find them, even if your mouth is full of stuff).
After 18 months, they finally allowed her to present a campaign. Guess what? The local dentist was part of a greater group in two other markets. Aunt Edna appeared. (For those of you who don’t know who Aunt Edna is, she’s mentioned on page 29 of my latest book. Believe me, Aunt Edna is trouble!)
As her local contact informed Leigh that she would have to consult Aunt Edna, she said, “We need to keep our fingers crossed that they say, ‘Yes'”. Time dragged on, and we know what time does to deals: Time kills deals!. Leigh was having trouble reconnecting with her dentist (there are only so many teeth cleanings one can endure for the sake of business). How to get back in the door?
We discussed this on one of our coaching calls. The result is above. Leigh took the picture, then sent it along with a note: “You said to keep our fingers crossed. I’ve got everything crossed I possibly can. Getting a bit hard to hold the pose. When do you think we might move forward?” I think the fuzzy slippers are a nice touch.
Crazy worked. She got a response. And, she got a twelve-month order!
Sometimes it takes a wild imagination and a bit of crazy.

Are you ready to think outside of the box?


Pat has a New Book


What will broadcast sales look like in the future? What new skills will we need to be successful? How has the world-wide business interruption in 2020 changed how we will do business in the next year

Looking forward to 2021, we need a strategic plan to recover lost revenue for our stations and for our clients. The ideas in this book will help you to develop that plan.
“Successful Broadcast Sales: Thriving in Change” provides a clear, concise roadmap for understanding the world of our clients, accessing those worlds and living in them to create successful campaigns. It explores how we must adapt our sales systems to succeed in an ever-changing business landscape. Knowledge is the key to unlocking success for us and for our clients as the new year arrives.
This book takes a retrospective look at the pandemic of 2o20 and presents a blueprint for adapting to the changes brought about by new ways of doing business. It outlines a way forward to successfully navigate and thrive in change.
Inside you’ll find:
  • A sales system designed to accelerate success for both new recruits and seasoned professionals
  • Understanding the internal motivations that move clients to buy from you
  • New ways to prospect, new categories of business, that will keep your sales pipeline full
  • Questions to uncover what clients are thinking and planning for the next years
  • Presentations designed to craft high-dollar, long-term campaigns
  • Strategies to reduce attrition
  • New ways to hone your creative skills to produce relevant messages for businesses
  • Ways to integrate radio and digital advertising to achieve greater results for clients
  • Wisdom from managers around the world regarding how to manage teams remotely
The ideas in this book will make money for you and for your client! Add it to your sales library today!






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