A story about religion, hypocrisy, spirituality, sex, drugs and RADIO

Ian MacRae publishes his first e-novel

Legendary 2SM breakfast announcer and radioinfo contributor, Ian MacRae, has written his first fiction book which will certainly be of interest to industry people.

It’s called “The Wilton Bay Chronicles” and is available through Amazon on Kindle. It’s a rollicking tale based on two competing radio stations in an idyllic beachside resort town. One has a format like no other and the other is a network station playing “The Music of Your Life”.  

Macca says the tale also involves…

  • A  housing development with a dark secret.
  • An accident prone broadcasting executive and his illicit affair leading to serious, and sometimes farcical, drug situations.
  • A local eccentric who claims he astral travels.
  • The establishment of a new church set-up as a tax-exempt business.
  • An opportunist televangelist.
  • A romance frustrated by politics and religion.
  • Witchcraft

The young “feral” with the voice of an angel.

Some “comedy” terrorists with serious intent.

The devil himself coming to town.

“THE WILTON BAY CHRONICLES”  is about religion, hypocrisy, spirituality, sex, drugs, comedy, drama and…oh yes… the end of the world. You can get it from this webpage… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XONL6SA  You can read the first chapter there for free.

By the way, you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Almost any computer, tablet or smart phone will work fine. Just download the free Kindle app. from the book’s Amazon webpage. Once you download the app to your device any Kindle books you buy automatically go into the app folder.

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Regular radioinfo contributor Ian MacRae posts industry news that comes into the categories of rumour, gossip, scandal and radio people behaving badly. Macca encourages you to submit anything you think fits and is keen to receive any feedback on stuff you see here. You can contact him at [email protected]


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