Ukhozi FM presenter embarks on new journey

Ukhozi FM radio presenter Mandla Njinji Wami Magwaza is embarking on a new journey.

Magwaza is set to host a new show called Ushini Womhlaba on SABC1. The show will premiere on Sunday, 7 July from 6pm to 7pm.

Having been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, Mandla shared with Daily Sun his limited exposure to television, having only presented awards previously.

He said that the transition to television hosting was overwhelming for him, but he immersed himself in watching similar TV shows to acquire the necessary skills.

We are searching for new talent, and I am counting myself because this is a new journey for me, and it excites me to learn something new because I’ve done radio for many years. I told myself to learn something new because I knew things that had to do with the media, and the only thing I had never done was TV. I only did it when I was presenting an award, and now this is facing me directly as a host or co-host,” he said.

Mandla noted the absence of traditional auditions, which he found exciting.

Once you respect your culture, you’ll be respected among other people. You’re not supposed to look down on your culture. Just because I am here on TV, it doesn’t mean I have to speak English all the way, but I mix languages,” he said.

He expressed his pleasure at seeing young people eagerly showcasing their talents.

It makes me happy because it’s a new thing; it’s not usually that something new like this gets so much support. What excites me is that the 40 people who’ll be chosen will go to a boot camp, because you can have talent that is not sharpened.”

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