Telstra Broadcast Services offers DAB+ broadcasters a fully managed studio to transmitter service

Telstra is Australia’s biggest, most reliable name in communications and has a division of media experts dedicated to radio and television broadcasters known as Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS),

They’ve recently launched a managed end to end DAB+ offering for Australian radio broadcasters which oversees the encoding and multiplexing of the signal flow from studio to transmitter. All while monitored and managed 24/7 by dedicated media experts in their Master Control Room in the Telstra Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney (pictured). The solution takes the worry and much of the capital expense out of maintaining equipment and having to deal with various contractors and complex infrastructure. 
Broadcasters also have the ability to monitor their signals as they pass through the system via a web-based GUI.

The whole system has redundancy at top of mind says TBS Industry Sales Executive, Richard Visser (left). “We have a total redundant head end architecture in separate, discrete geographically locations.”  

“In the unlikely event of total power failure, we have a separate head end in Oxford Falls that will continue to keep the services on air.” 

Because each customer’s needs are different, TBS’s DAB+ offering is fully customisable.

“What we mean by customise,” says Richard, “is that we work in a consultative way with the broadcaster to architect a solution in an economical way to meet both the operational and network requirements. Broadcasters deliver radio in the same process, but the methods of delivery, interchange can be very different.” 

Whether you are one station or a large network, if you broadcast on DAB+ then you should contact Telstra Broadcast Services to find out how they can help clear your signal path from studio to TX.
Telstra Broadcast Services
T: +61 2 8258 7979
E: [email protected]
Twitter: @TelstraBcast

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