5FM launches new campaign to bolster its reputation

5FM has announced the launch of its power-punch campaign.

The initiative aims to bolster the station’s reputation among “South Africa’s brightest, most fearless and most passionate young movers and shakers” by positioning the station as the soundtrack of choice for those building a better nation and writing stories that make history.

The campaign, titled ‘Ampli5 — Your life. Your vibe. Your voice’, aims to take all the best from what was, add it to the best of what is, amplify it and shape a youth that is ready and raring for anything that is to come, says the station.

It stands on the shoulders of the legends who built and molded this station — those who were creators and explorers, resolutely committed to providing a platform that values diversity, inclusion, progressiveness and the amplification of the youth voice and agenda … positively celebrating self-expression, contrary conversations and creativity in a world that still favors traditional norms, the station adds.

It stays true to this core but amplifies it to a whole new level — using the best in local and international music, the unmistakable 5 party vibe, edgy conversation, national reach and fearlessness in pushing boundaries, along with a deep and genuine connection with South Africa’s youth.

It provides a space where they can chill, vibe, engage and express themselves no matter what their color or creed and — most importantly — a space where they can be heard, seen, understood … and AMPLIFIED, adds 5FM.

The radio station revealed that the campaign will see various activations across radio, TV, online and social channels, as well as print and billboard advertising; but it’s not just marketing. Its essence will also be strongly ‘Ampli5ed’ in the station’s content and experiential plan — bringing the youth all the news, views, A-lister interviews and events that have their innermost needs at heart.

5FM’s acting marketing manager Keitumetse Tshabalala says, “From our ‘Big 2023 Energy’ campaign that we launched to usher in 2023 to the ‘Ampli5 Brand’ campaign ending off a massively successful year for the station with a bang, 5FM’s core is to stay in tune with an everchanging media landscape, while deeply connecting with our listeners and having them take center stage.”

Ampli5′ is a fresh, new power injection into the 5FM legacy — enhancing and amplifying our listeners’ lives, voices and vibes through collaboration and co-creation,” adds Tshabalala.

5FM’s acting business manager Michael Bossenger says, “5FM is a station for youth who want to build a better South Africa and change the status quo, while at the same time celebrating the good times, our edginess and togetherness.”

Ampli5′ isn’t about just reporting on the youth from a perch, but about being youth — ‘Ampli5ing’ ourselves to become the absolute best we can and building the country, the world and the future that we want… all while having an epic time,” adds Bossenger.

In an award-winning season of growth for 5FM where we’ve increased CUME and TSL, this campaign marks the next exciting chapter for our listeners and our clients. It’s the best in South African youth radio ‘AMPLI5ed’.”