5FM speaks about Africa Day radio road trip

The 5FM 5 Breakfast with Dan Corder has announced that it did the world’s first radio road trip, ‘Cape to Cairo on radio’. The station says it did this while chatting with major radio stations across the continent in celebrating Africa Day.

They set out to discuss the importance and influencing potential of radio as a medium in Africa.

The station says that it spoke with hosts and producers from multiple radio stations to find out what makes radio in Africa a powerful and unique tool on the world media stage.

These stations range across: South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt.

Dalin Oliver from Good Hope FM in Cape Town says that radio connects massive audiences across a diverse set of platforms, giving them the things, they need to know — news, sports and ‘infotainment’ — as it happens.

Folake Saije from Capitalk FM in Harare adds that conversations around ubuntu and things unique to the African culture drives their content, along with a strong pride around how the African sound is consuming the world when it comes to music.

Jody Nkashama from Radio Okapi in Kinshasa highlighted a focus on the youth, playing them their favourite music, but also connecting them to socio-economic news and politics, as well as educating them.

Mannie Essien from Cool FM in Lagos says that its content is focused on music, lifestyle, fashion and listener rewards is a key driver, but points out that a major factor in hitting the mark is constructing a very specific personality profile of your ideal listener and planning station content around that.

In terms of radio in Africa, Essien adds that the continent is in the world’s spotlight because it continues to break new ground, especially in terms of its music, where Africa shows that it has talent that can compete with the best.

Essien says that this is supported by unprecedented collaborations between Nigerian and international artists and the success of genres like Kwaito and Amapiano. He adds that countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya can be proud of what they have achieved.

Danny Munyi from Capital FM in Nairobi says the importance of stations that complement their listeners’ lifestyles and are prepared to be bold and play new genres of music first. He adds that African radio stations are already on par with the best in the world and that many people tuning into Capital FM wouldn’t even know that it’s a station in Africa.

Mo from Nile FM in Cairo says that apps have opened up an entirely new, worldwide audience and playing field for radio; he adds that songs trending on TikTok are all the rage. He says that Africa is a hugely underrated continent. Radio needs to create awareness on how beautiful, strong, and artistic our people are — labelling Africa Day as a celebration of untapped potential.

Corder says that he learnt some insightful lessons on air with other stations. Corder adds, “We had an amazing time this morning. It was a ton of fun to chat with people who share our passion for the airwaves, but we also saw some very interesting synergies that show that radio in Africa is right up there with the best in the world.”

A golden thread that ran through every conversation says that no matter where you are in Africa, radio is a powerful medium that moves millions. We’re first, we’re live and agile, we have our finger on the pulse and we’re ‘with it’. We entertain, we inform, we educate, we connect, we question, we break new ground, we get our hands dirty, and we help,” Corder adds.

Corder concludes, “Most importantly, perhaps, it shows that radio in Africa doesn’t consider itself a follower. With top talent, knowledge, content, tech and passion all in the same mix, we have everything it takes to lead, to push even harder and show the world how it’s done.”

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