Former radio personality Kalekye Mumo satisfied with being a podcaster

Radio queen Kalekye Mumo says it got to a moment when her role as a radio presenter did not bring satisfaction.

The sweet-voiced ex-presenter entertained her fans on a couple of radio stations including Kiss FM for close to a decade alongside her co-presenter Shaffie Weru, before quitting in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mumo says she has experienced more satisfaction since quitting radio.

While celebrating her 47th birthday, the media personality says she is at a point in her life where she feels like God is using her as a vessel to rewire his people to love in a way that serves his purpose.

Speaking further into it, Mumo says she was inspired to start her own show dubbed ‘Conversations with Kalekye’, a space where she opens up about her love and dating experiences and also encourages her audience to share their experiences.

God pushed me to start “Conversations with Kalekye” and to be my first speaker and get really vulnerable with my love experiences in the show I did the end of December titled #MyLoveStory which is now releasing on my new YTC Conversations with Kalekye,” said Mumo.

The renowned radio personality described the experience as phenomenal with the feedback from her audience being nothing short of resounding.

The feedback has been phenomenal with older women saying they can relate. The young men especially Gen Z are also saying they didn’t know that some of their moves affect women so much,” she said.

Reiterating the impact of her podcast, Mumo added, “With this podcast, I believe God is using me to rewire His people to remember how important it is to build relationships based on Him as the author of love.”

Having previously worked as a radio presenter at Radio Africa’s Kiss FM, Mumo has created a name for herself as one of the most assertive media personalities in Kenya earning her undeniable reputation in the public space.

She revealed that as a radio presenter, she always played a character that suited the target audience of the station, but now, having her own podcast has enabled her to have her own voice.

I think the difference would be there is no limit to what you can talk about and there is no cap. I can be myself not the character the station creates for you to take up.”

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