Liberian Red Cross recognizes the role of radio in humanitarian aid

The Liberian Red Cross has celebrated the profound impact of radio in humanitarian response and underscores its pivotal role in disseminating vital information to communities in need.

Gregory T. Blamoh, secretary of the Liberian Red Cross described radio as a lifeline in crisis and disasters, delivering critical messages in a language people understand, “as essential as food and water for survival.”

Blamoh emphasized the vital role of radio in disseminating information and raising awareness- in addition offering hope and support to affected communities, especially disaster.

In Commemoration of World Radio Day on Tuesday, the Red Cross called for collective action in harnessing the power of radio to inform, entertain, and educate, in fostering positive change, and building resilience in communities.

The SG also emphasized the indispensable role of radio in raising awareness about critical matters and advocating for vulnerable populations.

He also called for the integration of crisis and humanitarian reporting in radio broadcasting, emphasizing the power of radio in updating the public, promoting behavior change, and empowering affected individuals to make informed decisions.

He announced that the Liberian Red Cross is set to launch regular radio programs in the southern part of Liberia, particularly in Sinoe, Grand Kru, and River Gee under its Green, Inclusive, and Resilient Liberian Communities (GIRL) project, where the organization is partnering with the Embassy of Sweden to build community resilience to the impacts and shocks of climate and disaster risks.

World Radio Day, observed on February 13th, 2024, carries the theme: “Radio: A century informing, entertaining, and educating.”

The Liberian Red Cross extends heartfelt congratulations to all radio journalists and the associations in Liberia.

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