Jollof Radio fosters collaboration amongst African Podcasters

Jellof Radio, the foremost radio and podcast live streaming platform has ended a one-day hangout session for collaboration among African podcasters.

The event took place on July 12 and played host to a list of star-studded African podcasters and creatives, featuring discussions focused on pressing issues facing the Nigerian economy, including talent migration, PVC and generating a sustainable income.

With a focus funnelled on the youths of Nigeria, suggestions for resolving and improving the current situation faced by a large percentage of her citizens were discussed.

When you don’t know your history, it adds up to the problem,” said content creator, Michael Mayowa Sonariwo, event host and Co-host for the Menismspod podcast, who anchored the show.

The experiences shared by the speakers present were revealing and mind-boggling.

The Jollof Hangout supports collaborations and networking among African Podcasters with a vision to promote possible change through intimate and controversial conversations. Networking for podcasters is important because it helps build connections and support around the podcast community.

Podcasters and creatives present at the event were Cheddar Kris (She Talks Podcast), AJ Chinwendu (Colours with AJ Podcast), Flacco & Sosa (Warriors Circle Podcast), Fecko (Surviving Eko Podcast), Hauwa & Eni Ade (My Opinion Podcast), Josh (the Twenties & Stuff Podcast), Isaac Adekanye (Road to 30 Podcast), Teck-Zilla (No Shakes No Worries, Podcast), Josh beat, Nonye Chidolue and Esiri.

The next edition is scheduled to happen in August 2022.

The Jollof Radio Media platform hosts Nigerian radio stations and various podcasts, including mixes from reputable disc jockeys. Her podcast categories span infotainment, religion, business and lifestyle.

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