DJ Sabby announces OneLoveCrew

Metro FM‘s DJ Sabby has announced a plan to team up with New York City Power 105‘s Nyla Symonee and London’s BBC 1Xtra presenter DJ Ace. The idea to bring a global radio show to life came about after the trio connected through their passion for one-of-a-kind, modern-day broadcasting.

The trio unpacked how they have always wanted to push boundaries when it comes to the content that they create.

Through technology, the world is smaller, and people are more in sync with one another through the advancement of technology and social media. This inspired the OneLoveCrew radio show.

The new segment sees the hosts link up to create content that will premiere across each of their respective radio shows.

The ‘#OneLoveCrew’ airs in London between midnight and 02:00 every Sunday on DJ Ace’s show and broadcasts at 11:20 on Metro FM with DJ Sabby during the station’s Top 30. Power 105 is set to confirm details for the New York broadcast soon.

The trio says that in this podcast, the three active radio DJs will come together to talk about music while introducing listeners to a slew of popular and up-and-coming artists who they believe are changing the game.

This series aims to set the tone for what the future of broadcasting could sound like. Fans have been enjoying the three hosts exchanging their unique viewpoints about music and show business while keeping all three markets in sync with developments happening in real-time.

Sabby, who is the host of the station’s official Top 30, has become the station’s most-listened show with over 1.1 million listeners.

“For me, it’s all about being in the forefront of innovation and consistently reminding people that radio is one medium that is able to accommodate any change that comes with the advancement of humankind,” Sabby said.

“Technology has enabled us to engage more and do it in real-time. This idea is exciting because we’re bringing together the hottest markets in music right now while keeping our audiences in tune with the hottest songs and what’s happening in our home countries.”

Sabby, who is passionate about artist development, said, “While doing that, we are creating a bigger stage to expose more artists to the world, creating opportunities for them to connect with a greater audience through the platform.”

DJ Sabby says that having access to both musicians — and those who listen to them — puts DJs in a powerful position and he wants to put that power to good use.

As DJs, my belief has always been that we are the bridge, the connectors of different worlds, and this is one of those ideas that best describes what we can do when we collaborate,” Sabby concludes.

Individuals can listen to DJ Sabby on the  Metro FM Top 30 every Saturday between 09:00 and midday.

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