Jacaranda FM announces Rozanne McKenzie and Rob Forbes as new drive show hosts

Jacaranda FM has announced that, as of Wednesday, 10 August, Rozanne McKenzie and Rob Forbes will host its drive show between 16:00 and 19:00 every weekday.

The Drive with Rob and Roz will host a music-filled line-up of the best local and international artists, as well as conversations to keep listeners informed, entertained and plugged into the Jacaranda FM community, says the station.

McKenzie joined the station 10 years ago and has become a regular face on other media platforms. According to the station, she has a deep-rooted passion for Afrikaans culture and bringing communities together.

Jacaranda FM really is family and I’m incredibly honored by this new opportunity and platform to share more of myself with our fans,” she said, adding “I’m looking forward to stepping into this new role as a co-host and taking our listeners home safely with positive energy and the best music line-up.”

For Forbes, he’s looking forward to delivering a show that adds value to the listeners’ lives, noting that all starts with great music.

I’m passionate about sharing information in a way that allows everyone to be part of the conversation and I’m really thrilled to be doing this with McKenzie who has been part of the Jacaranda FM community for so long,” he said.

The station’s program manager, Hennie Myburgh announced that station has a well-loved and familiar line-up and see growth within their community as an opportunity to provide listeners with more loved and relatable talent music.

Testing shows The Drive with Rob and Roz not only resonates well with our super fans, but the broader Jacaranda FM community as well and we’re excited to bring some new listeners into the fold,” Myburgh said.

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