Jacaranda FM, East Coast Radio and Deutsche Welle launch youth podcast

Jacaranda FM, its sister station East Coast Radio and international broadcast partner Deutsche Welle have announced the launch of a new podcast, which is focused on self-discovery for South African youth.

The podcast according to the trio is available on all major platforms since Wednesday, 6 July.

According to the them, the youth podcast covers real-world topics that matter to Mzansi’s youth — from battling debt and suffering gender-based violence to toxic relationships and fighting depression.

Don’t hold back — say it loud aims to target urban youth aged 20 to 35 who are usually the ‘breakout star’ of the family (first to be University educated).

According to the trio, these youths feel a lot of pressure from their families who live in rural communities to start a successful career and want to learn how to develop their careers and personalities whilst dealing with the pressures of their studies.

Many feel isolated and some of the youths are already listening to podcasts to start their day with positive energy as they battle anxiety and depression with little or no access to professional help, adds the trio.

The podcast aims to provide access to the inspirational audio series — Don’t hold back – say it loud — for as many of Mzansi’s youth as possible.

Deutsche Welle invested in more than 20 hours of in-depth interviews with South African youth, employing a user-centered approach to address their most concerning needs.

The podcast was presented by well-known health activist Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba as she creates a safe space to discuss contentious and taboo issues that matter to young South Africans.

This international collaboration is a first of its kind on African soil as Deutsche Welle, Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio have created a digital product together from scratch.

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