Spotify justifies its introduction of exclusive content

Responding to podcast listeners who have “have pointed out to us that their favorite Spotify-produced podcasts have disappeared from their usual podcast feeds,” Spotify has published an explanation of its exclusive content strategy.

Spotify believes that “streaming is the future of all audio.”

The blog says:

“To enhance our discovery and editorial prowess, in the last few months we’ve brought some of our shows exclusively to Spotify.

“What does that mean?

“Shows like Serial Killers, Horoscope Today, Motherhacker, and How to Save a Planet will still be available for free, but only on Spotify. Many podcast enthusiasts have found some of their favorite podcasts through our popular playlists powered by your algorithmic listening, like Your Daily Drive, or through our playlists where our expert Spotify editors have personally curated the best episodes.

“It’s also important to point out what this change does not mean: that you have to pay to listen to Spotify-produced shows.

“You’ll still be able to listen to your favorite Spotify Originals for free on our platform. Although this may require a shift in listening habits, we want to share more about why we are doing this. Spotify’s ultimate mission is to connect millions of creators to billions of listeners around the world and help those creators live off their art. We’re also invested in pushing the medium of audio forward by enabling greater creative freedom and driving the future of audio.”

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